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State Empowered: California

When you choose our State Empowered California courses, you'll have access to courses built entirely from state-specific standards. All State Empowered courses feature the same interactive content, engaging games and videos, and flexible learning objects as traditional Lincoln Empowered courses.

Why You'll Love It

With fully aligned courses, you can be sure your students are meeting or exceeding the standards in your state.

State Empowered courses contain a balanced mix of assessments, including auto-graded, teacher-graded, and Mastery Assessments.

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We are Fully Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Lincoln Learning is registered as an A-G online course publisher making our courses eligible for self-report.




Empower Your Teachers

The Lincoln Content Bank puts educator-vetted, standards-aligned supplemental resources at their fingertips

Through our partnership with Amazon Web Services, we are proud to launch the Lincoln Content Bank for the 2023/2024 school year. This innovative tool gives educators access to infuse supplemental materials into their coursework with the click of a button.

The Lincoln Content Bank Supports

  • Individualized tutoring solutions
  • Blended, hybrid, or virtual learning
  • Remediation and enrichment
  • Homework options
  • Supplemental materials



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Take A Closer Look

With the Lincoln Content Bank, teachers can access an EK-12 bank of nearly 110K vetted items. Additional features include:

  • Perceptive and rapid searching and browsing features
  • Customizable material for full classes or individual students
  • Streamlined access to and application of learning objects targeting different learning modalities
  • Cross-curricular learning opportunities

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