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When you’ve decided homeschooling is the best option for your family, Lincoln Learning is ready to guide you and your student along their educational journey.

Our catalog offers more than 200 K-12 core, elective, and specialty courses to meet your child's unique learning needs. All Lincoln Empowered courses include interactive online elements in addition to activities and worksheets that can be completed offline. Although not required, course materials can be purchased via Amazon.




When homeschooling your child, you need a solid curriculum as a foundation for learning. Our Lincoln Empowered standards-based curriculum is designed by educators and built to accommodate every learning style. Courses are available 24/7 and give your child the flexibility to learn wherever life takes you. 

Our homeschool curriculum offers two options: courses with teacher services and auto-graded courses. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured the Lincoln Empowered asynchronous curriculum design will give your child a consistent day-to-day approach to schoolwork. 

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A Community Built For You

We understand the challenges that come with homeschooling your child. From questions regarding course navigation to submitting work, we know having a solid support plan is paramount for successful online learning.

That's why we've created our own private homeschool community. This community allows you to meet other homeschool parents, ask questions, and share successes. Our homeschool team is only a question away and happy to assist you in every step of your homeschooling journey.

Each quarter, we'll send our exclusive homeschool newsletter with important updates, new course offerings, blogs, and more. Check out our latest newsletter below.

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Pretty awesome when (my daughter) finishes history and science in the morning and asks if she can begin language arts! #nomomstress right now. Win win!
Carrie Pratt
Lincoln Learning Solutions is an amazing homeschooling program that provides outstanding content, helpful representatives, and quality online learning tools. I highly recommend Lincoln Learning to others looking for a great way to homeschool.
Kelly Wissolik

The Student Experience

To learn more about the various types of courses available for homeschool students, watch our student experience videos for your child's grade level. Remember, auto-graded courses are available in all grade levels, but assessments and course navigation are slightly different. 








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Is your middle or high school student interested in real-world learning opportunities? If so, our Career and Technical Education courses might be a perfect fit. Many of our CTE courses are available with teacher services.

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