Our courses and supplemental content serve as a catalyst for student success. These learning assets help students to cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills that extend far beyond the classroom.


Rigorous & Robust


Going beyond the prescribed standards, our content is marked by its rigorousness, depth, and extensive coverage. Employing a method of concept spiraling and grade-level scaffolding, our courses are meticulously constructed. Each course is thoughtfully aligned with national standards, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience.

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Lincoln Empowered

  • Full-year and semester options
  • Auto-graded and teacher-graded options
  • Multi-modal design to support all learning styles

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  • Arts, Music, and World Languages
  • Business & Technology
  • Family & Consumer Sciences
  • Wellness & Physical Education
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Honors Courses

  • Accelerated learning pace, covering topics in greater depth
  • Each course is 1 credit
  • NCAA-eligible
  • Includes a cumulative exam
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Career & Technical Education (CTE)

  • Real-world learning opportunities
  • Career-focused pathways
  • Industry Certification Exam prep
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Credit Recovery

  • Self-Paced, teacher-supported courses
  • Prescriptive learning experience
  • Guided focus on content mastery
  • Full-year and semester options






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