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Our Mission

To empower learning through educational products and services


Continuously striving to maximize student potential


  • People
  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Community
  • Passion
  • Resiliency

Our Story

Based in Rochester, Pennsylvania, Lincoln Learning Solutions is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization offering personalized online learning solutions and support services. The company was founded in 2005 to develop and deliver online curriculum, leveraging the power of the evolving online learning model. Lincoln Learning Solutions has always been driven to do what is best for the student. The company’s first flagship product, Lincoln Interactive, was a PreK-12 online curriculum that delivered to students a tailored educational experience. In just five years, Lincoln Interactive garnered national recognition and went from being used by a handful of clients to serving the needs of nearly 250 schools, districts, and educational consortiums across 22 states and two continents.

With an eye toward continued innovation and growth, and in response to significant changes in the national education landscape, Lincoln Learning Solutions completed a comprehensive redevelopment of its PreK-12 curriculum in 2015. The new curriculum is designed to provide the most adaptable, personalized curriculum for teachers and students. Lincoln Learning Solutions believes that the most important thing any society can do is learn. Through learning, we want to inspire tomorrow’s discoveries that make a better world.


Board of Directors

  • Bob Clements, Chairman of the Board
  • Bruce Boliver
  • Bob Dusch
  • Gerald Gumpf
  • Connie Howard

Executive Team

Lincoln Learning Solution Leader

Bob Clements

Chief Executive Officer

With a 30-year track record of change management, building and sustaining effective teams, and inspiring commitment to organizational vision and mission, Bob Clements took the reins as Lincoln Learning Solutions president in 2014 after having served in a leadership role on its Board of Directors. Clements has an array of operations and finance experience, having served in senior operations positions for ITT W&WW, a multi-billion dollar, publicly traded global corporation. He is active in the community, serving on many boards and coaching youth athletics. Clements received his BA from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and his MBA from Robert Morris University, and he completed the Oxford Leadership Program.

Lincoln Learning Solution Leader

Dr. Rachel Book

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

She earned her stripes in the trenches with the same team she now leads. Ask anyone in our Sales & Marketing department and they’ll tell you she has a passion for kids and a drive for learning, which served as the foundation for her doctorate in Organizational Change and Leadership from USC on top of her masters in school counseling from Slippery Rock. Rachel believes the path to student success begins with helping teachers. She would know, having spent several years in Pennsylvania elementary school classrooms and early learning centers molding young minds. She’s stood on national and international stages presenting fresh ideas about education on behalf of Lincoln Learning Solutions.

Lincoln Learning Solution Leader

Daryl Care

Chief Technology Officer

A proven IT executive with more than 30 years of experience as a transformational leader building high performance teams, Daryl Care oversees information technology and security for Lincoln Learning Solutions.  Care has an extensive infrastructure and operations background leveraging best-in-class technologies to extend products and services, drive efficiency gains, and ensure operational fitness.  He believes results-oriented IT teams view the customer experience as the benchmark of their success.  His passion and knowledge stem from a career spanning multiple industries including strategic roles leading technology startups and several mergers and acquisitions.  In his spare time Care enjoys coaching college basketball and supporting Special Olympics events.  He earned his BA in management from Westminster College.

Lincoln Learning Solution Leader

Craig McMillen

Chief Financial Officer

At the helm of our financial operation, Craig McMillen ensures we are in compliance with federal, state and local fiscal laws. Having spent several decades in the tax, accounting and management arenas, he has a wealth of experience in financial management, tax and payroll preparation, project management and auditing. He’s served individuals, large corporations and almost every entity in between. Craig has taken an active role in his community his whole life. From coaching youth sports teams to serving as treasurer for officials in the legislative and judicial branches, he prides himself in civic duty. Craig has a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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