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Students enrolled in Lincoln Empowered courses have the flexibility to learn in ways that best suit their individual learning styles. Our self-paced courses include educational videos, audio recordings, games, and interactive learning activities to meet the needs of all students. Browse more than 170 core, elective, and specialty courses below.

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Auto-graded courses do not include a teacher facilitator to make student accommodations. All students who need accommodations must be enrolled in a course with teacher services. Please email us at for questions.

Our auto-graded courses are only available as semester offerings. To purchase a full-year auto-graded course, you must checkout with Semester 1 and Semester 2 to your cart. 

English Language Arts | Grades EK-8


English Language Arts | Grades 9-12


Mathematics | Grades EK-8


Mathematics | Grades 9-12


Science | Grades EK-8


Science | Grades 9-12


Social Studies | Grades EK-8


Social Studies | Grades 9-12


Art | Grades EK-12


Music | Grades EK-12


Physical Education | Grades EK-12


World Languages


General | Grades EK-8


General | Grades 9-12


Credit Recovery


Career and Technical Electives


Certification Courses


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