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Chemistry Pacing Guide


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blue balloons on Amazon

Blue Balloons

Iodine prep wipes on Amazon

Iodine PREP Wipes

Galvanized nails on Amazon

Galvanized Nails

Alligator clips on Amazon

Alligator Clips

Red laser pointer on Amazon

Red Laser Pointer

Pipe cleaners on Amazon

Pipe Cleaners

Nitrile gloves on Amazon

Nitrile Gloves

Ice melt pellets

Ice Melt Pellets

Micro Lamp Electronic Kit

Micro Lamp Electronic Project Kit

Digital scale on Amazon

Digital Scale

Partial Immersion Thermometer

Collapsible funnels on Amazon

Collapsible Funnels

Pipettes on Amazon


Safety goggles on Amazon

Safety Goggles

Yeast Packets


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